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Genesis Guarantee

While other engineering and software companies may guarantee that their system or software will function as stated and described, they do not guarantee the Return on Investment results!

All Genesis installed systems and software are guaranteed to obtain the projected ROI!

If a Genesis installed GenTrax or GenComp system fails to provide the projected ROI after one year of completed installation and all procedures as outlined by Genesis are followed by the user.  If the Genesis stated ROI is not exceeded or obtained, the purchase price will be adjusted by a cash refund to meet the stated ROI.


System cost is $100 and the stated first full year projected savings is $100 then the ROI is 1 year.

If the actual results in the first full year are only a $75 savings, the system cost would be reduced to $75 so that the user still has a one year ROI and the $25 refund would be returned to the purchaser.

Results Covered by a
Money-Back Guarantee!

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