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  •  Individual Equipment Speeds
    The Genesis System software uses the actual speeds of each piece of warehouse equipment instead of an average speed for all the equipment. The travel speed of each piece of equipment will be measured and used as the travel speed for the employee using that piece of equipment. This provides the most accurate goal time for each individual employee for the job they are working at with the equipment they are actually using.

  • Custom Interfaces
    To prevent duplicate data entry and multiple locations of similar information the Genesis System uses Custom Interfaces to transfer data from your current systems into the Genesis System. Information such as employee name, employee number, employee wage rates and home department are typically transferred from your payroll software.  Work assignments, case counts, pallet counts are transferred from your warehouse management system

  • Three Dimensional Work Area Map
    The Work Area Map is a three dimensional representation of the warehouse. The Work Area Map is used to calculate distances traveled by employees and their equipment. Each of the selection and reserve locations, as well as the dock areas, aisles, travel areas, and office locations are placed into this computerized version of your warehouse using grid coordinates. Travel distance is then calculated using the floor coordinates and vertical distance is measured for multi-level selection and forklifts accessing the reserve locations above the selection slots.

  • Planning
    Using the Standard to calculate goal times also allows the Genesis System to generate accurate planning reports to assist in scheduling of staffing requirements.

  • Reporting
    Our reports are designed to provide you with the information that you and your staff needs to effectively use the program. Since our background is in running large and small distribution centers, we know the information that you need and the format that is most useful to you to optimize the performance of your labor force.

  • Time Clock Functionality
    Since the Genesis System tracks the time spent on each job and the time spent at work, additional time tracking systems may not be necessary. Time is synchronized with atomic clocks operated by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and US Naval Observatory (USNO).

  • Heat Index (optional)
    Adjusts standard to account for extreme heat or cold variations due to weather conditions.

  • Warehouse Capacity Index (optional)
    Adjusts standard to account for unusual over capacity, such as holidays, in the warehouse accounting for additional congestion delays.

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