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Warehousing Transportation


GenTrax Workplace Productivity software is a measurement tool used to compare actual time worked compared to an established labor standard time value.  Simply put, the actual time it took to do a job assignment compared to what it should have taken.

 All component motions are broken down for each warehouse and/or transportation value added activity and using industry standards and accurate travel distance measurement techniques, a detailed work flow is established. When all the components are added together the result is an accurate time value of the task that is easily explained to the work force.

Once the time values are established employee demand scheduling is possible. Employee demand scheduling allows supervision to schedule an accurate number of people for the available work reducing overtime and early releases.

Warehouse employees record the start time and completion time for each work assignment on a computer terminal, voice headset or radio frequency terminal and truck drivers record their activity on onboard computers or manual tripsheets.

After completing their work assignment the employee's performance compared to the established baseline time is recorded.  The employee can look up their statistics from a computer terminal and management can generate productivity reports by individual, group or facility.

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