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Some of the features of GenComp are:
  • Accurate calculation of payroll dollars, including multiple overtime calculations for all employees for incentive, hourly, or any combination of incentive and hourly jobs that an employee performs throughout the week.
  • Automated job tracking of employees as individuals and teams, or a mix of both.
  • Calculation of incentive based bonus programs to enhance accuracy, safety, and customer service.
  • Calculation of most recent 8 week hourly equivalent pay and/or utility hourly pay for Worker Compensation reporting, Disability reporting , Vacation pay and off clock activities.
  • Individual and Team based pay capabilities.
  • Eliminate manually generated, handwritten paper based reporting and replace with computerized event tracking.
  • Uniform reporting. Summary reports are designed for your unique operations so that all reporting units have identical formats regardless of the systems and compensation programs in place at each unique operation. Uniform reporting allows management to quickly compare operational metrics among various departments and facilities.
  • Automated Time and Attendance Tracking includes the days worked, scheduled days missed, time off work during work day and total hours at work to date as well as other common time and attendance reports.
  • Supervisor reports are updated constantly throughout the day, providing a tool for supervisors to see each individual’s productivity levels and earnings compared to established goals. Supervisors can print these reports or the reports can be emailed to the supervisors throughout the day, so they can address issues while they are happening – they don’t have to wait till the end of the day or week to see each employee’s and the groups earnings and productivity accomplishments.
  • Calculation of both activity based compensation jobs and hourly based compensation by day and pay period for each employee.
  • Employee reporting displays both their construction rate pay and their activity based pay along with the difference so that the employee knows how many dollars above or below their goal pay for the pay period.
  • Reporting is based on dollars.

Dollars is the one common language that is clearly understood from the warehouse employee and truck driver to the CEO and Board of Directors.

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