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Whether you would like to have an incentive pay system for your employees or already have one but it just doesn't work the way you would like it to, Genesis Engineering has a solution for you. Creation of Activity Based Compensation systems or streamlining your existing programs is accomplished with our GenComp Activity Based Compensation software.

GenComp Activity Based Compensation software provides the infrastructure you need to enable accurate calculation of Activity Based Compensation programs and consistent reporting from multiple departments and facilities.

Genesis Engineering can adapt our software to interface with your existing systems, design Activity Based Compensation systems for jobs that are paid hourly using our matrix or extending your systems to jobs that have not yet been converted to Activity Based Compensation.

Accuracy, Safety, and Customer Service can be enhanced with the addition of linked incentive based GainShare programs. These programs Share the Gain of increased savings from better methods used by employees. The programs are linked so that an increase in one is not taken at the cost of another. If a loss occurs, the employee shares the cost and will respond to re-direction immediately to reduce the GainShare economic effect.

Incentive based Activity Based Compensation systems are much more effective than Engineered Labor Standards. Activity Based Compensation systems are self managing, the employee is earns more money when they do their job well and they earn less money when they do their job poorly. This places the supervisor into a mentor and coaching position, always trying to help each employee be their best as opposed to "Big Brother" is waiting to punish. The Activity Based Compensation system creates a company wide team approach; including employees, supervision and management; to achieving the established goals.

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