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Standards A.B.C.


“We must measure what can be measured,
 and make measurable what cannot be measured.”

                                                            Galileo Galilei  1610 AD

One of the major costs of operating a business is the expenditure for labor. In the past, many managers considered labor expenses as marginally controllable, and predictable only to the extent that increasing costs of wages and benefits are inevitable. In fact, labor costs can be controlled, and productivity gains are possible, even without dramatic changes in present methods or equipment. Once managers realize labor costs can be controlled, they only need to adapt a program of labor management and control to achieve productivity improvements.
Genesis offers two primary engineering services, Engineered Labor Standards and Activity Based Compensation.

Engineered Labor Standards

Work measurement is the process of evaluating the labor content of a work function for the express purpose of establishing engineered standards.

Webster's Dictionary defines 'standard' as:  "That which is established by a competent authority as a rule or measure of quantity."

Genesis Engineered Labor Standards are derived through the application of work measurement procedures, including a pre-determined motion time system known as Master Standard Data (MSD), and the use of standard data or formulas. Based on their successful applications all over the world, these approaches to work measurement are the 'competent authority' which Webster defines.

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Activity Based Compensation

Webster’s Dictionary defines the words:
     an organizational unit for performing a specific function.
          the fundamental part of something.
               something that constitutes an equivalent or recompense.

Activity Based Compensation is a method of paying the workforce for their value added activities and to focus everyone to talk, think, and act, based on dollars.

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