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How and Why You Get Increased Productivity

Increased productivity comes from the motivational effect that standards have on the worker. The employee will give you increased output when they know first that they are being fairly and consistently measured, and second that management cares how they, as an individual, are doing.

Psychologists tell us that:

  • Most people are 'fair minded.' Basically they do not want to be 'taken advantage of’; neither do they wish to ‘take advantage of’.
  • Most people like goals. They like to know 'how they are doing' in comparison to their 'best' and in comparison with others. A person then likes to be judged against a standard so long as they believe it to be a fair one.
  • A person will try to live up to what is 'expected' of them.

MSD developed standards are achievable, and thus meet the above listed psychological criteria.

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