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Engineered Standards and Labor Costs Control

The measurement of work is that body of knowledge on which the profession of Industrial Engineering is based. As with other professions, Industrial Engineering continues to advance by developing new knowledge and techniques. Industrial Engineers now speak of standard data and the building block concept. Predetermined systems, such as the MSD system in which we at Genesis Engineering specialize, are based on these newest concepts. The stop watch is required only for machine times. From basic data we group body motions into patterns and then calculate accurate goal times. Once these are established, ours is a fast, accurate, and practical system for setting labor production standards.

Increased productivity can, of course, come from better methods, machines, etc. It can also come from more accurate standards of work measurement. Accurate work measurement can substantially increase productivity. Management's control of labor can be no better than the measurement, and productivity improvement can be no better than the expectation upon which it is based. With more accurate measurement, you will know better what you should expect; therefore, you will have better control. Engineered standards is the tool for more accurate measurement.

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