Additional Pay Types

Non-ABC Job Pay
Some value added activities are not feasible to be put on Engineered Labor Standards. Activities such as reviewing customer returns or cleaning a small area are paid for the time spent on that particular activity. Each of these non-ABC activities are tracked separately.

Fixed Delays and Breaks
Delays can have assigned fixed values. Battery changes, equipment pre-shift/trip inspections and traveling between departments are examples of fixed delays. Employees are paid only for the length of the fixed delay or rest break, regardless of the amount of time they take for that activity.

Overtime Pay
When an employee works overtime, their ABC pay will be increased by the same overtime factor that is required by state and federal regulations and the requirements of the labor agreement if a collective bargaining agreement is in place.

Safety Net
This is earnings protection put in place that when an employee’s weekly ABC earnings fall below their goal earnings, the employee will receive the equivalent of their hourly earnings or a portion thereof. The Safety Net can range from the lowest, minimum wage, to the highest, their normal hourly wages.

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