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GainShare programs are used to keep the employees focused on safe and accurate methods of performing their value added activities.

Genesis will assist the company in establishing baseline goal levels for Safety and Accuracy GainShare. Additional compensation is paid for above baseline performance, such as lack of lost time injuries, minimal mispicks and shortages, and lack of vehicular accidents. As the name GainShare implies, there must be a benefit for both the company and the employee – Gain Share. The company gains by reduced costs and shares the savings with the employees. When designed correctly there is no additional cost to the company, all GainShare Pay comes from money saved.

Safety GainShare is based on the lack of incidents over time. The longer an employee performs without a lost time injury or vehicular accident the higher their GainShare rate will become based on their unit pay component.

For selectors the GainShare rate can be applied to the number of units selected, for forklift operators the GainShare rate can be applied to the number of pallets moved, and for truck drivers the GainShare rate can be applied to the number of miles driven.

Accuracy GainShare is based on performing above baseline for selected categories. Using mispick and shortage errors as an example:

  • When errors are less than baseline, GainShare per unit will be positive.
  • When errors are baseline, GainShare pay will be zero.
  • When errors are more than baseline, GainShare will be negative.

Transportation GainShare can also be applied to On-Time Arrival and Lack of Vehicular Accidents.

Even though some GainShare categories have negative earnings, the total GainShare pay cannot be negative.  GainShare does not reduce or increase the employee’s base pay areas of Event Pay, Unit Pay, or Delay Pay.

Categories are developed to the needs of the company.

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